Community Art

My studio is part of a shipping container collective of creative folks located in a working shipyard in the very expensive city of Seattle. How can working artists afford space? This is our solution!

We’ve been through several iterations in the 5 years of our existence. Shipping containers can be stacked and re-stacked into new configurations. We’ve built beautiful community spaces and had to take them down. There have been concerts, parties, cabarets and much more.

We have facilitated work by and for community groups seeking socially engaged artwork. Giant puppets have been constructed for the 2016 Womxn’s March and 2017 Honk Fest, banners and artwork for use in street actions, murals for the 2019 Pride Fest and CHOP. Another image shows the Tent City Planet I participated in with Ed Mast’s street performance in Olympia. The photo is shot under the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity mural. You can learn more about this beautiful piece at the Rachel Corrie Foundation website. This slide shoe is a smattering of socially engaged projects I’ve worked on with partners. I will add links to the work of other groups when I figure that out!