Tides and currents, continued

New images keep coming in the tides and currents series. I’m looking forward to showing them all in July. More on that soon!

Two Hour Transport Anthology

Just coming out! The new Two Hour Transport Anthology! New work from this amazing Seattle SciFi Fantasy community of creatives. If you don’t know about them and love the SciFi Fantasy genre you should check out their website and go to events. And definitely buy the new anthology. My cover illustration – love, love love…

No Place Like Home

Also during 2021 I made a book cover design for this excellent novel! Check it out on Amazon or order from your favorite independent bookstore.

Tides and Currents

A pandemic cancelled show, like so many. Since the show didn’t hang I just continued to paint these pieces. Their meditative movement kept me floating during the tumultuous, strange times of 2020 to 2023. There are many, many more…

Travel sketching

I take time to sit and draw when I travel and I never regret it.


commission privately owned

Flash Fiction

2019 show at the Latchkey Gallery in Portland, OR, and the 8009 Gallery, Seattle WA

Covid Cards

The pandemic led to card production for friends and family who didn’t want to go into shops!